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    As humans, we consume. Yes, that includes indulging our taste buds and scarfing down one too many Oreos. But it also manifests in every facet of our lives. Whether its binge-watching Netflix, scouring the internet, or immersing ourselves in a good book, there's an invisible thread coursing through everything that binds us all together – Words.


    When words are placed in a writer’s hands, they become little trinkets to chop up, reassemble, and weave back together. They can be persuasive, tug at your heartstrings, embody friendship, serve as inspiration, and even cause uncontrollable fits of laughter (cue the breathless gasps for air).


    Bending and twisting words into compelling copy can transform minds and elevate brands, concepts, and ideas.

    That's where I come in. I'm creative, with words.

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    Tom Martin

    President at Tom Martin Media, LLC

    "Being a great freelance writer means being versatile and able to be creative in a wide range of subject areas. Add the unique challenges of writing press releases to the mix, which requires the ability to engage the reader from the very first sentence, and a gift for persuasion. I’m delighted to say that Kelly Kantrowitz is outstanding in all of these areas, and more. She has brought a new dimension to my work in the PR field, and I’m grateful for the amazing work she has delivered on every project I’ve sent her way!"

    Mario Caligiuri

    Partner and Vice President at EduTek

    "I've had the pleasure of working with Kelly. She creates compelling and inventive copy that coverts and increased our lead generation from 3% to 17%. She's a creative visionary with a marketing-centric mind; focusing on brand awareness, business growth, creating relevant content, and solutions that can actually deliver results. I was impressed with her commitment to understanding our company's goals & values -- taking the time to conduct some market research to truly understand our target audience & formulate a strategy that allowed our brand to successfully connect with those individual's."

    Darren Sanchez

    Lead Editor and Project Manager at Marvel Entertainment

    "While Kelly is an excellent Director of Marketing she is also an energetic, smart and talented writer with a uniquely descriptive voice evident in her spectrum of work. She is a pleasure to work with and has a strong desire to improve her writing skills with every new opportunity. Whether she is doing backstory research, writing movie or book reviews, scripting novels or even comic books, she approaches every project with a contagious positive energy. I look forward to working with her again in the future, whether it’s creating new story worlds for screenplays and comics, or writing the next great children’s book."

    Stacy Hall

    Content & Design Manager at CixxFive Media

    "Kelly is an actual dream! I have worked with a myriad of writers over the years and she is one of my favorites, by far. I know that I can always count on her to create compelling, beautifully written content. She's very easy to work with, gives thoughtful input on projects, meets deadlines, and does a fantastic job on every project we've collaborated together on."

    Bill Deignan

    CEO and Owner of Molto Marketing & Productions

    "Kelly is a real pro! She was very patient with us as our team had constant diversions to attend to. She took on this complex subject, of which she had no prior knowledge, and really helped us shape stories that make the author look great! We will definitely call on her again in the near future."

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